Covid-19 Online Membership

Now more than ever we need community, routine, and to stay active. CrossFit Brampton is proud to offer an online platform in response to social distancing directives. When it is safe to do so, CrossFit Brampton will reopen its gym doors and return to its normal class schedule.

Your Online Membership

Joining the CFB community online has many advantages, especially right now. 

- Live online workouts 6 days per week. This means you're receiving coaching, feedback, and support from your community.

- Daily workouts are recorded and sent to members. If you were unable to attend a live session you can still participate in the workout. 

- Live Cooking with Coach weekly sessions. Recipe and prep lists are sent to members ahead of time. Jump online with the CFB community to cook up a delicous Saturday evening meal!

- Weekly What's Up Wednesdays health & fitness videos. From low back pain prevention, to managing mental health, to shoulder prehab, we will cover a wide range of topics. Members are encouraged to submit their questions. 

- Regular checkins and support from your coach and community members 

The Intake Process

Normally when you join a CrossFit community you are asked to complete an onboarding process. The purpose of this process is to teach you the fundamentals of movement, proper motion patterns, and to decide what modifications (if any) are required to keep you moving safely and effectively. 

We will continue to run an onboarding process for new online members. The goals are the same: to teach you fundamentals of movement, proper motion patterns, and to decide what modifications are required to keep you safe. Included in this process will be how to use household items in your workouts and how to modify certain movements to fit your in-home environment. 

New members will be required to complete 3 fundamentals sessions before jumping into online classes. 

Fundamentals Sessions are available:

Monday - Friday 730am or 8am 

Monday - Thursday 530pm or 730pm

Your Investment

Now is the time to ensure you have professional trainers, who are able to coach you effectively even through your webcam. Our years of experience and professional training mean that you will receive exceptional coaching in any situation. 

The fee for online training is $165 + HST per month. This includes:

- 3 semi-private fundamentals sessions in which your coach corrects movement patterns, teaches you how to effectively perform various exercises, and provides you with homework based on his findings. Sessions will also include how to adapt exercises to your in-home environtment. 

- Unlimited live, coached sessions 6 days per week

- Daily links to workouts in case you are unable to attend the live session 

- Weekly live Cooking with Coach sessions

-  A weekly health & fitness video to answer your related questions

- Access to the CB community chat 

Thankyou for supporting small business