Covid-19 Online Membership

Now more than ever we need community, routine, and to stay active. CrossFit Brampton is proud to offer an online platform in response to social distancing directives. When it is safe to do so, CrossFit Brampton will reopen its gym doors and return to its normal schedule and services. 

Virtual Personal Training & Remote Programming 

Personal training is a great option for those who:

are rehabilitating an injury,

have a specific performance goal,

have depression, anxiety, or other mental health issue that makes group settings difficult, 

do not like to work in a group.

The first personal training session will be a movement assessment, which will allow your trainer to identify faulty movement patterns and muscular imbalances. This will inform how she programs for you moving forward. The first session is also an opportunity for your trainer to learn what space and equipment is available to you at home (it's okay if you don't have equipment). 

After your first session you can either:

continue with virtual personal training, which means you are coached during your session and are accountable to your trainer,


ask for remote programs (personalized programs e-mailed to you to be completed on your own). 

Your Investment

Personal training sessions: 
$35 for 30 min
$45 for 45 min

$60 for 60 min 
Remote programs: $25 per workout or $225 for a pack of 10

all prices subject to HST

Thankyou for supporting small business