CFB's Sleep Challenge!

July's Health Factor is Sleep 💤. If you missed it, check out this interview to get caught up on the latest research on sleep, including the consequences of irregular sleep.

July's challenge for sleep is to BUILD A SLEEP ROUTINE 🛌

Even if you are not a CFB member, you can try this at home and keep us posted on your success and roadblocks. CFB members who use their sleep routine at least 20 days this month will be entered to win a sleep-related prize! Members who hit 25 days are entered twice!

Everybody's Sleep Routine will be different. The goal is to create habits that will improve your quality and quantity of sleep. This means that your sleep routine is your own, but here are some suggestions to get the ball rolling:

1. No screens 1 - 3 hours before bed (reading can be a great addition to a sleep routine).

Challenge yourself to turn off your phone, TV & computers at least 60 minutes before bed.

2. Turn lights off or dim them 1-3 hours before bed

3. Create a bedtime for yourself and stick to it. Ensure this "bedtime" has you in your bed 30-60 minutes before you actually need to be asleep.

4. No caffeine past 12pm

5. Implement a deep breathing routine that you use as soon as you get into bed to calm your mind (ex. breathe in for 7 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, breathe out for 7 seconds, 7 times).

Like any new habit, this may take time; however, we are confident that how well rested you feel will motivate you to keep this healthy habits!