The Relationship Between Exercise & Sleep

We know that sleep is important, but let's take a minute to talk about HOW important it is to our health.

Consider that sleep:

- allows memories to be formed

- clears waste from the brain (minimizing plaque buildup)

- restores our systems (muscle, immune, skeletal, nervous...literally ALL systems).

Lack of sleep (good quality, adequate quantity):

- increases risks of cardiovascular disease

- increases risk for metabolic dysfunction (including obesity)

- increases risk of psychiatric disorders

- increases risk of early death (above info from Kline, CE. 2014).

Research is also connecting lack of sleep with low levels of physical activity. And what do low physical activity levels do?

- increase risk of chronic disease including type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, & some cancers

- increase risk of early death

- increase rate of muscle and bone mass loss (leading to a lack of independence)

- increase risk of metabolic disorders including obesity

😱 OMG how pervasive is that? Is there any aspect of our life that sleep does not impact? Now let's consider how common lack of physical activity and sleep are in our society, and we have a big problem!

Lack of good sleep makes everything feel harder!

Kline (2014) explains that:

- exercise appears to have the most drastic improvement on sleep quality for those with more severe or chronic sleep issues (ex, sleep apnea, insomnia)

- exercise does not appear to improve sleep immediately; rather, it happens over the long term (months)

-exercise improves daytime alertness in addition to sleep

- lack of sleep seems to predict low activity levels 2-7 years later

- less than 6 hours of sleep per night seems to result in lower activity levels

- while poor sleep seems to relate to low activity levels, good sleep does not seem to relate to high activity levels (which makes sense given how complex it can be to make a lifestyle change)

Sleep literally impacts every aspect of our lives! We hope this motivates you to take part in our #SleepRoutineChallenge!